Dahua Thermal Camera Temperature Monitoring System

The Dahua Thermal Camera is the ultimate solution for highly efficient and accurate thermal scanning. This thermal temperature monitoring system effectively scans and visually reports elevated skin temperatures in order to maximize the safety of your employees, clients, or anyone else located on or traveling through your premises.

Dahua Thermal Temperature Monitoring System

Dahua Thermal Temperature Monitoring System Features & Specs

This contact-free thermal monitoring solution has the capability to accurately detect human temperatures within .54° Fahrenheit. The built-in AI algorithm can thermally scan up to 30 people per second from distances of 10-15 feet away; this is ideal for high-trafficked areas where it is necessary to record and report temperature measurements with accuracy and rapidity.

Solution Features

  • Safe, Efficient, and Accurate Temperature Monitoring
  • ±0.3° C (±0.54° F) Temperature Measurement (with blackbody)
  • Long-distance Rapid Screening at up to 4.50 m (15.0 ft), Monitoring 30 People per Second
  • Enhanced Power and Data Transmission Distances (ePoE)

Recommended use in commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, airports, metro stations, and public gathering locations.

Dahua DH-TPC-BF5421-T Thermal Hybrid Network Camera

Thermal Hybrid Network Camera

Dahua’s thermal hybrid network camera contains an athermalized 13mm lens with the ability to keep continuous focus amid varying temperatures. This dual-camera setup also includes an infrared, LED 8mm lens with two-megapixel progressive scan image sensors. Its motion detection and color palette differentiating capabilities make Dahua’s thermal hybrid network camera a technological breakthrough. As an additional feature, this system comes equipped with a white light and siren for the active deterrence of high-risk individuals.

Dahua JQ-D70Z Blackbody

Blackbody Calibration Device

The Blackbody Calibration Device maintains a specific and constant temperate for the thermal camera to use as a reference point. This enables the monitoring system to precisely determine fluctuations between the reference point temperature and the temperatures of the human bodies passing through the camera’s perception radius. The 70mm x 70mm effective radiant surface of the blackbody is one of the factors that makes Dahua’s thermal camera so accurate. At just under 4lbs, the Blackbody Calibration Device is not only durable but convenient as well.

HD Monitor and Network Video Recorder (NVR)

The Dahua Thermal Camera system includes a 16-channel NVR which provides detailed statistical reporting with seamless exporting capabilities. Featuring four facial recognition channels and four mask detection channels, Dahua’s NVR solidifies the data being transferred from the hybrid camera and blackbody.

The 42.5” full HD (1920 x 1080 resolution) LCD monitor enables secure, remote monitoring achieved by extended Power over Ethernet (ePoE) technology; Dahua is a pioneer in ePoE technology which enables successful data transmission between the cameras, the NVR, and connected monitor at distances of up to 300 meters. Remote viewing and configuration are also available via Dahua’s DMSS smartphone app which is provided free of charge.

Dahua DHI-NVR5216-16P-I 16-channel NVR

Trusted Around the World

Dahua’s thermal temperature monitoring solutions have successfully been installed and implemented both domestically and internationally:

  • Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Poland
  • Uzbekistan Airport
  • Singapore’s Ministry of Education
  • Beirut Rafic Harari International Airport

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With over 20 years of experience, the tech experts at Clear Sound Communications can have your Dahua Thermal Temperature Monitoring System up and running in no time with our one-day installation process. We also offer free onsite evaluations during which our certified technician will walk you through the details and determine the best locations for all system aspects. At Clear Sound Communications, our team is on-call 24/7 providing support when it is needed the most.