Brilliant Smart Home System

The Brilliant Smart Home System gives homeowners the ability to conveniently control their amenities and utilities from almost anywhere. Using the All-in-One Smart Home Control or the Brilliant mobile apps, the Smart Home System can be used to turn on the lights, adjust the temperature, play music, and much more!

Brilliant Smart Home System
brilliant smart switch home control

All-in-One Smart Home Control

Brilliant’s All-in-One Smart Home Control display can take the place of any light switch in your home. The home technology experts at Clear Sound Communications will work with you directly to find the perfect spot for this incredible device.

The All-in-One Smart Home Control is available in one switch to four switch configurations. Each of them has the capability to sync with all your smart devices; the only difference is the number of lights you can control from the installation location.

Standout Features:

  • Amazon Alexa comes standard
  • Instantly upgrades your regular lighting into smart lighting
  • Motion control
  • Ambient light sensors
  • Completely wireless so there is no clutter
  • Includes video intercom capabilities with microphone and camera (camera equipped with privacy shutter for security)
  • Customizable touchscreen
  • Matches home décor with your choice of color:
    • White
    • Ivory
    • Light almond
    • Silver
    • Grey
    • Black

Limitless Compatibility

The Brilliant Smart Home System comes standard with Amazon Alexa; but this innovative home control solution also works seamlessly with many other popular innovations; and Brilliant adds new compatibility functions almost as quickly as the newest apps and products are released.

Voice Assistant Compatible

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • Apple HomeKit
  • SmartThings

Lighting & Switches

  • Hue by Philips
  • Tp-link & Kasa Smart
  • LIFX
  • WEMO
  • Lutron
  • Leviton

Climate Control

  • Ecobee
  • Honeywell Home

Home Security

  • August
  • Kwikset
  • Schlage
  • Ring
  • Yale
  • Emtek
  • ButterflyMX

Music Control

  • Sonos

Smart Dimmer Switch Add-On

Looking for the ability to control the lighting throughout your home? The Brilliant Smart Dimmer Switch can be installed in any room enabling you to wirelessly add on to the Smart Home Control system. With its schedules and timers feature, you can set your lights to automatically turn off when away or have them turned on right before you walk in the front door. When programmed intuitively, this feature can also help to cut costs on home energy bills.

brilliant dimmer switch

Quick & Professional Installation

At Clear Sound Communications, our home tech installation experts can have your Brilliant Smart Home System working after just one visit. We will also walk you through all of the features until you’re fully comfortable using the system on your own. Additionally, our techs are more than happy to help you get the Brilliant app setup on your mobile device so you can control your Smart Home System no matter where you are.

Service You Can Depend On

As always, Clear Sound Communications offers 24/7 service provided by our certified technicians.