Computer Network Wiring

You Rely on Your Network to Keep Business Moving. Don’t Trust it to Just Anyone.

If you have a problem with the computer network wiring in your business, then doing business may be impossible! Wiring your network correctly is critical to building a reliable and dependable network that is both easy to maintain and easy to troubleshoot. Clear Sound Communications understands this and employs the industry’s best practices when it comes to network design and infrastructure.

Clear Sound Communications will guide you through all aspects of your network design:

  • Computer network infrastructure design,¬†installation & implementation
  • Pulling all Cat5e/Cat6¬†cables from data center patch panel to end-user nodes
  • Integrity testing of all circuits
  • Neat, clean, organized, and fully labeled for easy maintenance
  • Fiber optic network installations

The quality of your network is only as good as the quality of to components it’s made of

We use only the most reliable components in every network we build: