Wireless Access Points

Extend Your Wireless Network Farther than You Thought Possible!

Whether you need just one extra wireless access point down in your basement or you need hundreds of access points across 10 floors of an office building Clear Sound Communications can help.

Netgear Insight

The Best Wireless Network Starts with Names You Can Trust

Nothing is more frustrating than losing connection to your wireless network. It never happens at a good time! That’s why Clear Sound Communications installs the most dependable brands of wireless access points, like Ubiquiti Networks and Netgear Insight.

Convenient & Reliable – The Way a Wireless Network Should Be

Clear Sound Communications designs wireless networks the way they were meant to be used:

  • A single SSID regardless of network size or number of access points
  • Secure and guest access
  • Meshable network – automatic transfer to the strongest signal
  • Interior and exterior access points

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